No Reformer Box?
Kristi Cooper
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Love the last one! Thanks
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Kristi, I benefit so much studying these tutorials.I do have boxes with my reformers but was curious to see what you were going to review. The " shapes and spaces" idea way to think how we can translate these exercise only helps progress in our instruction and challenges our thinking about the movement. Keep the tutorials coming, I just LOVE Pilates Anytime!
Oh Thank you Ann. Your words mean so much to me. I'm happy to tell you that I only asked for one tutorial from Karen Sanzo (who was in town filming for PA last weekend), she filmed four! Pat Guyton arrives today and she has one planned for the shoulder. I am happy to "keep the tutorials coming," thank you for letting me know you find value in them as much as I do.
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Oh, I can not not wait! I feel the more I know the more I don't know.....keeps me wanting to learn more and share.
Thank you Kristi! You are fabulous. This whole Pilates Anytime thing is spectacular. many many thanks
Thank you so much Melanie! You just made my day which only has 5 minutes left in it to go!!
Thank you for the great ideas. Could you flag the reformer videos that do not use the box for those of us that would enjoy them a lot more then the ones that do? I have a box and use it every time it is called for. I have almost flipped of a few times and have had it flip up a few times (now I put the long box over the shoulder supports which has solved the box coming off the reformer issue). Either way, I don't feel safe on it when I am at home alone and would really enjoy knowing which of your videos don't use it without having to look at each one. Plus, for those who don't have one I am sure they would rather be able to do exactly what is called for on the video they choose instead of having to think of something else to do during that portion of the workout...
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Leelee ~ You may also find this tutorial by Amy Taylor Alpers helpful. She talks about body placement on the box and what is most effective. I hope you enjoy it!
mañana probare la flexion lateral de columna de rodillas!!! consejo para los que hacen los subititulos en español que lo hagan arriba, cuando la maestra se acostaba no se la llegaba a ver por las letras. gracias
Kristi Cooper  Hey Kristi, 
If a client didn't have a box. Could they simply just remove the shoulder rests and then do most of the exercises on the carriage with the straps? and could you do side bend in Z sit position like mermaid while sitting on carriage
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