Ladder Barrel Variations
Niedra Gabriel
Tutorial 963

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Thanks Niedra! Can't wait to try this out on myself and my clients! At the very least, today I am going to end my day with the last stretches so that I can grab my bag and walk out of the studio gorgeous!
YAY Laura - enjoy the stretches, they are juicy.
Omg! What a treat, love your instruction. I will definitely review this quick class again and again.
Thanks Ann, ladder barrel is special.
I really enjoyed this session on the barrel. Thank you.
Perfect, Bravo, and thank you! This was just a wonderful tutorial.
Niedra, loved the session and your instruction --- more Ladder Barrel please! Where may I ask, can one purchase the Pilates pants you were wearing in this session? Thank you, Dolly
Love!!! Thank you Niedra.
Thank you Sharon, means a lot to me that you enjoyed this.
Dolly - those pants are old ( maybe 6 years ? ) and were gifted to me by Siri Dharma, so not sure where she got them from.
Great class and very useful material. Thank you Niedra!
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