Ladder Barrel Variations
Niedra Gabriel
Tutorial 963

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Niedra, I had to take a little break during the video during my first viewing so I just watched the finish and I absolutely love the lip stick and end of the work day stretches. So much fun!!
Yes Karen, it is "really" all about the lip stick. Glad you enjoyed this.
Ladder Barrel is special....thank you Neidra for this reminder to look after ourselves at the end of a class! You have a fun and joyful presentation.
Thank you Raymond - i just looked at your bio and I think you have a few ladder barrel tricks I have yet to experienced - awesome shot of you - WOW.
Thank You Niedra! I feel honoured by your comments.
love this class so much, thank you Niedra!
Great Susana, enjoy.
You are great Niedra! Always a pleasure to learn from you :)
Hi Lani, I see you are from the west indies - I lived in st Lucia for three years so happy to see you teach out there, there was not much Pilates locally to my knowledge.
Cool. I was looking for some more variations for the Ladder Barrel. What a wonderful inspiring presentation.
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