Reformer Workout
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 1061

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That was the perfect start to my morning.. feel very centered and calm... lovely pace and super clear cues. Great variations as always. Thank you!
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I agree with Julia! My second morning taking this class, and felt so calm & "in" my body after it. Really enjoyed your cues Sarah, and the tempo felt perfect, thank you for a lovely class.
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Great class and reminder of how the basics when done efficiently,with awareness and concise cueing is enough. Going to teach this to my reformer class today!
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Great class with very clear instructions and clues merci beaucoup Sarah!
Lovely to hear from you all! Julia, I hope all is well with you. Hoping to get sent your way to teach sometime:) Elizabeth, I too LOVE working basics with details. Susan, I think about you so often! So glad to be connected. And Genevieve...I am activily reminding BASI how much I would like to return to Paris. Hopefully, it will happen again soon.
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peaceful class - great attention to cueing. lovely evening class :)
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Sarah - Other than years of practice how do you keep your cues fluid, voice so soft and your focus keen?
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Great cueing! Years ago during a workshop, a presenter warned against "being too wordy" during classes or private sessions. That always stuck with me, because I find that I speak throughout entire classes as well, but didnt feel that I was being wordy, there's a lot to say when teaching! Especially when you are working with a group. You have proven that it is perfectly acceptable to "speak" throughout an entire session, the difference is using proper cueing, imagery and modifications without being repetitive. Well done, I will be adding you to my favorites list!
Jill, I must confess that beyond practice, I do not have a magic trick for cueing. The best advice I can offer is to work to find "Pearls". Short, sweet and meaningful cues!
Jessica, Thank you! I too caution students about talking too much. The key is to make sure a person is not talking just to talk. If the cues are meaningful and there is enough time to "process", one can continue to guide the student to go deeper. One of my favorite quotes from my Mentor Rael Isacowitz. "Pilates does not get easier...It gets better!"
Great for a first timer! However, I did not have a box and I wished you had shown an alternative option as you did mention that it was okay not to have a box.
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