Mat Workout
Kristi Cooper
Class 1099

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I liked it very much and will do again, but do we have to stretch our hams 1st thing!
Hi Kristi, I did this class when I first joined Pilates anytime & really enjoyed it. I've just come back to it & really enjoyed it again but there's something weirdly out of synch so your commentary is about half a minute behind the picture. It's kind of disconcerting! And means I have to keep looking at the screen rather than focus on ugly verbal instructions. Do you think it's my device playing up or is there something amiss at your end? I think I've noticed it occasionally before but can't remember which class. Thanks for any advice & keep up the great work! Clare x
Whoops! Typo! I wrote "your" verbal instructions but predictive type got in my way and put "ugly"! I do apologise! You are beautiful!
Ha! Hi Clare! a minute of synch IS ugly! Almost always this is the result of not having restarted your computer up. Computers are similar to phones and when a lot of data is used without re-booting they get cranky. It's also possible that too many programs (Word, internet browser, documents etc..) are open at once. It isn't enough for a program not to be in use, it actually has to be quit to be closed. Try restarting your computer and closing any open programs you aren't actively needing. If your connection is normally good, I think these steps will help. Let us know if they don't. Best, Kristi
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Wow, what a class!thank you Kristi
Great workout!

Lovely 20 mins to slot in before the day starts. Thank you.
Thanks! That gave me the energy I needed :D
I loved that! All sweaty and ready to rock this day. Thank you.
thanks Kristi Cooper for a great workout! loved it
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