Reformer Workout
Courtney Miller
Class 1301

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Awesome Courtney thank you!!!! Why am I only just discovering Pilates Anytime??!!!!! Love It!!
Wow! What a challenge thank you:)
Love this class, my core is in fire
Woo! Great class! Loved it! :)
Loved this! Courtney give us more, please!
SO SO GOOD! I think Courtney is quickly becoming one of my fav instuctors! Great cueing, great pace and tough full body class my muscles are shaking their  way out of this class! LOVED!
Awesome workout!! So glad I finally did this one! Courtney, I love a good sweat and this is just what I needed during these crazy Corona times! Thanks for being you and bringing so much love and peace to Pilates! Your smile always makes me smile! Thank you! 
Am always thrilled when I find a "Courtney" workout I haven't done yet!!  This one is a you!  Are you sure you don't want to open a studio in Toronto???  Lol  Thanks for a perfect workout
I really enjoyed this class...especially loved your sequencing to create balance.  Thank you!
OMG, such a fabulous class, tough but so efficient! Thank you
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