Gentle Cadillac Flow
Lisa Hubbard
Class 1647

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Billie you are impressive, You know what would be really nice is to see the camera angle from the end of the trap table. I will be using some of this tomorrow definitely. Thanks
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Wowza!!! That looked tough!!! But so beautifully cued and executed!! You are both stunning and beyond inspiring!!!
Thank you ladies! I will pass on the praises to Billie. Appreciate your comments very much!
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Fantastic class. I can't wait to try some of these exercises with my clients. Thank you for fresh inspiration!! Well done to you and Billy.
Christina, Love that: "Fresh Inspiration". Thank you from the both of us!
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Fabulous class. I enjoyed this so much I have to add my thanks for sharing your knowledge and clear and precise instructions Lisa and especially to your amazing client who just moves so beautifully with such ease and proves how pilates keeps you so strong. An absolute pleasure to watch and learn from.
Hazel, what a heartfelt compliment. I am highly honored. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Billie is beaming!
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absolutely wonderful! So much power in the best meaning, and so motivating to take a challenge at any age to feel deeply alive!
Thank you both for this gift!
Silke, thank you very much :) Billie always says she's got to keep moving her bones!
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Fantastic the final back extension!
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