Reformer Workout
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 2142

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Fantastic, thank you!
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Lovely class.

A word of caution to anyone with tight workout space: you'll have to skip some of the exercises while standing in front of the footbar.
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Delicious !
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The class was great! I loved the stetches for the hips and how well the routine flowed. Wonderful release for the feet during the footwork. I can't wait to do it again..thank you Sarah!
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Loved that!!! I teach ZenGa on the reformer and can't wait to try some of the exercises that Sarah taught. Thank-you for some really creative moves!!
So happy this class has been so well received. I will continue to play and share. Thanks!!
Wonderful! MMMM! Thank you, Sarah!
Very very nice class, beautiful cueing. I will use several of Your exercises, thank You
Wow! Thank you so much for a really different workout. Loved the yoga fusion!
Easeful and fun! Thank you??
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