Mat Workout
Amy Havens
Class 2167

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Amy Havens They loved it, think they thought i was being nice for a change but they all got a really good session from it! Next week going to add few more bits in for those who haven't got Osteoporosis and see how we go. Love your classes thank you
Wonderful, this is great feedback, thank you!! Yes, anyone can do these exercises and changing up the usual routine is good for everyone!
Me encantó.! Muy divertida y diferente.!
bellissima lezione! GRAZIE
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Absolutely loved this class!!! The arm work with table top legs is terrific as is the entire class. New ideas for me with very clear instructions from Amy....super!!
Belloni and Sharon , thank you so much!!  Pleased to bring you new ideas to keep your own Pilates practice fresh and fun!
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Thank you for this informative class!

You're very welcome Megan !!
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Super! I loved it!
Really enjoyed this class - thank you! After many years of pilates, just discovered a couple of years ago that I have borderline OP. Still trying to figure out how to work with that, and hopefully to strengthen my bones, not only avoid fractures! Glad Pilates Anytime has some flexion-free classes. 
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