Mat Workout
Brent Anderson
Class 2498

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So very good after a long day of sitting at the computer. Thank you, was the perfect evening routine.
Great video! Nice way to start my day. 
Fantastic workout and just what I needed to loosen up my back and my sides as well. I enjoyed the detailed cueing on the Mermaid in particular!
Outstanding! My upper back was tight and this loosened it remarkably. Thank you!
Fascinating work.
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I am too new for this class. He used many terms i am not familiar with. What is the workshop mentioned?

Feels a bit odd that he is in normal clothes and socks but the women aren’t! 
Tree B ~ In this class, he isn't demonstrating so athletic clothing isn't necessary. the women are wearing clothing that allows them to do the movements with ease. I hope this helps!
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Nancy F ~ The workshop Brent is referring to is Sitting is the New Smoking. I hope this helps you!
Quick, simple and so efficient! Love this class! 
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