Mat Circle
Kristi Cooper
Class 382

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Once again great challenging fun class. The balancing exercises helps me so much in my other sports- for example cross country and skating skiing.
This was really great! Thanks Kristi!
Fun, Kristi!! Thank you!
Hi Myriam!! So nice to see you here! I love what you wrote in your profile... You are such a good instructor! Elaine great feedback. Thank you to all of you for your comments.
Very good class,nice job.
Thank you
great concepts to stimulate intermediate quartet class that has been ongoing for many years. Love this website. Thank you Kristi
My pleasure Margherita!
Thank you Kristi
Challenging and effective in less than 20 minutes. Thank you.
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I recently find out that these short classes are actually "Pilates for procrastinating PhD students". I am writing my PhD and therefore I am sitting the whole day in front of the computer. I usually do an aerobic-workout every morning that heats me up but still I start to freeze after a few hours sitting and typing (Israeli winters are cold, too). So I realized that doing one of these challenging 20 minute workouts every 2 hours really works for me - not only heating me up but also let's me get back to work with much more energy. Thank you!
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