Mat Circle
Kristi Cooper
Class 382

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What an awesome 20 min. class. I totally felt my glutes firing. What a great compliment to the leg workout I did tonight. I will probably feel it tomorrow. Hopefully you will do more of these. You are amazing and I loved your energy and humor.
Thank you Teresa! Thank you for posting on our facebook page too!
So challenging! Loved it
Nice, especially the last exercise lunging and picking it up! Phew..... enjoyed! Thanks, short little blasts add up in a day thanks so much.
Ah terrific! Gad to hear this class challenged a few of you... Not always easy to do! Thanks for the feedback!
Every two hours Viola? I'm impressed. Your body is definitely going to be on par with your brain when that doctorate is bestowed!
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WOW! I really enjoyed that one! Quite intense on the legs! I appreciate when we don't get to the floor and I love to do those quick classes first thing in the morning. It doesn't ask too much of me (I'm sometimes lazzzzy). THANK YOU Kristi even if I'm 4 years late!
It's never too late to find a workout you like! That's the point of the growing library! So glad you liked it! Thanks for saying so!
Sweet little class. The squats heated things up. Thanks
really enjoyed this little class has some good challenges in it and I felt my core activated even though standing , I would love to see the full version Kristi Cooper . I haven't done many classes of yours but if this was a preview I cant wait to find some more matt work with you, thanks
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