Reformer Workout
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 2973

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Another great class from you!! Everything flows seamlessly and you cue so well that I didnt have to look at the screen that much. Thank you:)
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Thank you Sarah, it was clear concise and thoughtfully costructed. Love your energy and economy of your cues.
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Thank you Sarah Bertucelli ! Smooth and nice! I just changed the spring on one blue in the single arm chest expansion because I'm recovering from a long break and honestly I don't have the strength yet.
Thanks a bunch!
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Very nice. Thank you :)
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Felt like working beside a friend. Easy tone of voice that is gently encouraging while reaching deep without overdoing it. I feel balanced and easy in my body. Nice after a long day.
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Thank you for the cue on short box rotation, gave me an "aha" moment. Love your workouts!!
This was just a perfect class! Love your voice and the pace. Thank you!
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Nice class! Really liked the cueing during swan. It made me slow down and work a little deeper into my back. Thank you!
Thanks Daniela! I love slowing down.
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