Creative Mat Variations
Anula Maiberg
Class 3132

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Love you Anula! Great class but with added humor to make it that extra enjoyable. Hope we're going to see more from you!
Great class I enjoyed your combinations!!! Excellent !!!!
Pascale thank you so much!
Elize thank you. I hope you get a chance to check out my classes from last year!
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Anula Maiberg , another FANTASTIC class . Thank you so much. My clients are loving you Reformer Class. I know they will love your mat too! Always with a great sense of humor!!! I'm definitely going to check out your classes from last year. Thank you!!!
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Love your classes! Happy to have some more to do!
Vic1234 thank you! I think youll like them 😄
Lori thank you!
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Such refreshing ideas and totally hilarious. Loved it! Thank you
Mandy you are very welcome. Thank you!
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