Down and Dirty Mat
Maria Leone
Class 3364

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I looved this class! It is a good mixture of strengthening and flexibility.
Love this workout, simple, easy to follow but some small variations which are excellent
If I had to pick one short class to do forever, it would be this one. I've done it too many times to count. Quick and challenging and to the point. I'd love to see Maria come back with more mat classes like this. 
Such a great class! Highly recommend for anyone short on time. Full body! 
Beautiful! Just what I need when I don't have a lot of time. 
This is the perfect short class. You work everything hard, but it's only 20 minutes. You can do anything in 20 minutes.
Good quick workout that makes me feel strong!
I so enjoyed this class, I love pilates with some variations but still practical and easy to follow, will keep my eyes open for more of your classes 
Great quick class I can easily do at home!
Such a thorough workout in a short amount of time!
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