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Jennifer Golden
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Thank you Jennifer! Amazing sequence :)
Just...Thank you xo
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This was an amazing class Jennifer...Videos for Breast Cancer Recovery is not so many; hope to see your new videos after your operation...Thank you and good luck Jennifer
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Thank you for a wonderful class. It was exactly what my body and spirit needed. You are amazing!❤️
Amazing work! Definitely a feel good work that is great to start your day with 😊
I am a teacher for women after breast cancer and i think this exercises are quiete difficult/heavy to do. Some women have problems and pain at their shoulder . After treatment the muscles are not in good condition to do all this. Maybe it is better to do the course of the beginners ? Are there more suggestions or tips to do pilates with women after breast cancer ?
Hi lies !  Thanks for the comment.  I absolutely agree with you that this was challenging for many breast cancer patients.  This workout wasn't actually intended for breast cancer recovery- despite my being a cancer patient at the time of filming.   It was meant to get moving when you might not feel like it.  In my case here, I was thinking about the effects of chemo inhibiting my motivation to exercise, and had not yet had any surgery.  Many of the exercises wouldn't have been appropriate when recovering from surgery for sure.  I do think there are some specific breast cancer recovery exercises on Pilates Anytime you can reference. 
Thank you Jennifer. I found your flowing  sequencing of the movements made the movements such as the Roll Over and Boomerang more easily attainable and natural than they sometimes feel. Love your inspirational style. Best wishes to you.
nice to start again with you, and I did feel my body back without aching 🙏
Thank you so so much, Jennifer, for your beautiful class! I really needed this, both in body and mind.  Cannot thank you enough x
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