Spiral Long Box
Viktor Uygan
Class 3542

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Hi Irene I am happy you enjoy the class
Thank you
Hi Carol-Ann Thank you and so happy that your back felt amazing
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Very creative & functional. Thank you!
You are welcome Beth happy you like creativity :)
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Beautiful movement. Thank you Victor, this is a great class ! I love using box and this class definitely provide great variety.
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Hi Helena Glad you enjoy the class and find the variety movement useful
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Awesome - now I have to go back to do the other one ...Thank you!!!
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hi Rebecca I am happy you like the class let me know how you feel about the other one??
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This is great! Watched it before the linear box, but now have that queued up for tomorrow. It's like watching a duet with you and Kelly working together. Great ideas and original ways to play with the reformer. Love! I was wondering about the spring, too! I think I will go back and forth with the blue and yellow and see what happens :)
Happy you like it Beth
Let me know if you like The Linear Box as well and how you feel with blue springs :)
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