Creative Ball Variations
Delia Buckmaster
Class 3720

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Great class!
Delia is super at Cuing, so I didn't have to keep my eyes glued to the monitor... Yeah!  Though Gia wasn't teaching today, she is another instructor that excels at Cuing. I added 5 lb leg weights which worked for me. I had fun and I feel better. Thanks Delia and Gia:) 
Love the progressions and add ons.  Thanks so much
Great cuing! I can tell you are Stott it!
Thank you. I did it for the second time and i really enjoyed!
Great class 🤸‍♂️
This is a great class, I think my 3rd time doing it.  Great cuing and always love any classes with the overball.  Thank you!
The positive comments just keep on comin'.  Great class.  Not too "loose ball!" intimidating.  Lots of levels of practitioners will discover "I did it!" in this class.  I'll just add that, as a Texan, I was fascinated by imagining Montanans taking class in sweatshirts.  It's a brisk treat for us to be able to wear a sweatshirt from the car to studio.
This was a brilliant class, Delia. Loved the bridging and planking variations with the ball. Thank you!
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