Creative Ball Variations
Delia Buckmaster
Class 3720

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Hi Tasha ! Thank you so much for giving my class a try!!
What a clever, creative flow! What a lovely Pilates session!!! Cannot wait to incorporate some of your great ideas in my classes, I’m sure my students will love it! Thank you very much, I look forward to your future classes 😊
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Hi Sandra! Thank you so much! I hope your students enjoyed it :)
Loved it! Thank you for such a great class, Delia! X
Perfectly Brilliant! Love it thank you!
Thanks! I really enjoyed your mat and ball class, hope you bring out more! 
Loved this creativity thank you!
Great variations with the ball! will definitly try some in my class. thanks for sharing!! 
Grace Hurry love you! Thank you for watching XX 

Christine  thank you so much! Anna thank you! I recently filmed 4 more.  They should be dropping soon. Hope you enjoy them. Sarah Edwards at Positive Pilates Solihull I appreciate your feedback. Thank you very much! Eva Lucia thank you! hope you classes enjoyed them as well. :)
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