Creative Ball Variations
Delia Buckmaster
Class 3720

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What a great class with unique uses of the ball. Really clear cues and guidance. 
Pulled this up to do again for some self practice and have some new ideas I can use in my groups.  Thank you, Delia!
Christy thank you very much! Pen great to hear! Can't wait to get back to those group classes again! In health ladies! 
Wow🤩🤩this was brilliant!! My favorite class ever!! Thank you so much!! 
Marina thank you so much!!
Good class excellent instruction. 
Loved the pace, instruction and challenge! Thank you so much Delia!
Margie thank you very much! Lynn you are very welcome! Thank you for taking my class
Great work; some more work like this please :))
Adore this class. Thank you
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