Creative Ball Variations
Delia Buckmaster
Class 3720

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Love this class. Gentle enough for my 70 year old body.
One of the best classes my partner and I have taken recently on PA! He has quite tight hip flexors and both the movements and stretches really helped him and we both loved the class. Your style of teaching is very natural and your cues are spot on! Thank you! In passing, may I suggest you do more classes with weighted balls?... 
Luv luv luv this class!  Delia- thank you for a great class..... you are an awesome teacher!  Definitely adding on to my weekly routine!
Very challenging but possible , thanks
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Very challenging but possible , thanks
Awesome class! Love these creative ball variations!
Lovely lesson. Thanks
beautiful ,clear, fun, i loved this thank you x
Such a fun class with the ball!  Will be adding many of these variations into my teaching to keep lessons fun, interesting and challenging when we cannot be in the studio.  Thank you!!
Thank you! I loved all of the variations using the ball as well as all of your precise and clear instructions. I really liked the flow of the class as well as the various challenges. 
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