Creative Reformer Variations
Viktor Uygan
Class 4007

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What a wonderful class! Terrific, creative ideas, clear cues, good flow. I love the unilateral work, and adding in the rotation. The elephant prep sequence is absolutely lovely. The sequence where you wrap the rope around your back and put it over your arm like a jacket is a wonderful idea. At my (very short) height, the hardware of the rope catches my ribs in a very uncomfortable place; I’ll need to figure out a way to put a pad under the hardware the next time I try the class.
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Next level creativity and so much deep unilateral work🙏 Love this, I mistakenly left only one blue spring on for standing splits which was challanging 🤪 thank you
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Great session. Very creative and effective.Thank you very much.
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Definitely lived up to the creative aspect! There were some really interesting and useful things, but I found some to be painful as far as pressure goes — like forearms on the foot bar and the rope wrapping/shawl near the end. I liked the feeling of rotational traction from the rope but didn’t care for how it dug into flesh. 
Hi Rachel so happy to hear you enjoyed my creativity, clear cues and the way approach the elephant exercise. Also Thank you finding a solution for the rope hardware, Yes I agree a part or a towel should work as well as you might want to try with lighter springs. Thanks again for your thoughts and support 🙏🏻
Hi Amba Loudon so happy 😀you noticed and enjoyed the deep unilateral work in my class and guess what you never forget the springs setting for the future after the challenge you had to face 🤣 Thank you for you encouraging comments 🙏🏻
Hi Z A I a remember you from my previous classes 👋  Thank you for your continued support and so happy to hear you find my class creative and effective 🙏🏻
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Hi Sheila Ray thank you for your honest feedback. I could totally see how the hardware of the straps might dig in for some clients and I grow up hearing this saying  “Every  rose🌹  has a  thorn” and try to keep my focus on the Rose 😇 but I should have mentioned to use of pad or towel during these exercises. thanks again 🙏🏻
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Thanks for the beautiful  uni-lateral work out . . . love it!
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Loved this class. So creative. Really liked the single strap work.  Thank you:)
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