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I now have the habit of scanning through Courtney's videos, watching for equipment set up and changes. I have an original Allegro without legs and usually have to modify. After having everything correctly set up, I was able to truly enjoy this phenomenal workout. Courtney is my FAVORITE instructor on PA!
Amazing and I am sweating!!!! Thanks Courtney x
Thank you for this creative and energizing class.  Even though I don't have that reformer, I thank you b/c it challenged me to quickly reinvent the exercises to fit mine without skipping a beat. This worked my brain  so I now have new sequences for me and my clients- many thanks for the challenge in brain and body! I'll be revisiting this one when I feel in a rut!
Thanks Courtney! I really enjoy the way to teach and create your classes and having fun at the same time! Tanya :) x
Sadly I don't have enough space around my reformer to do the entire class. Love your creativity and enthusiasm , though. :)
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