Full Body Augmentation
Misty Lynne Cauthen
Class 4463

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I like funny/odd/inspirational T-shirts. I am going to get 2 made. One is going say, "I am not a Pez Dispenser", the other is going to say, "Pilates is not Schlumpy Business".  If you want to know why those phrases matter, then you should take this class. It's a good work out and a lot of fun. LIke me, you will feel better and have had a good time. I particularly liked the mermaid/side plank series. Because of the way Misty Lynne teaches it, it pops a lot of my back vertebrae.. which feels wonderful. Thanks Again Misty Lynne:) 
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 No tee shirt for "cheek equity"  Gary?  I think you're really missing an opportunity!  ;)
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Great class with graceful flow, smooth flow. Helpful cues. Thank you.
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I want a Misty Lynne T that reads "Invited to the party."
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That roll up and roll over...just amazing and controlled and gorgeous. Sometime to aspire to!
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Thank you, you are fantastic! Love your way of teaching! 
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Awesome workout!  Such good instruction and love the comments about grace and dignity and that you would take either!  You are a really good instructor and seem to be such a lovely person!
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5 stars again Misty Lynne!!! "With Grace and Dignity"- why not with both?!? Thank you and great job!
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Amazing! I actually want to do that workout again and again! Thankyou Misty Lynne...
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Good class although some of the exercises were level 3 not 2. Great pace for a good workout. Do this after a run you will be exhausted!!
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