Full Body Augmentation
Misty Lynne Cauthen
Class 4463

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Super class. Sadly a back injury of old makes teaser / neck pull too tricky but throw in something else for myself then. Lovely instructions with humour. The cueing of the breast bone in standing balance is extremely helpful. Thanks
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Amazing class loved it thank you 
Sharon C Hi! Thanks so much for watching - I hope the workout is fun without those two exercises! 
Gary M Ok Gary - If I ever start a t-shirt company, you get a "Pilates is Not Schlumpy Business" t, on me! Thanks for watching, and for the kind words!
Joni N "Cheek Equity" is a core value. Hmmm.... now THAT should be on a t-shirt! Thanks for the giggle!
Michele M Take your time, use your breath, and enjoy - it'll come. Thanks so much for watching.

Sharon S Thank you. My students at home don't call me "lovely" until class is over! 🤣Glad you enjoyed the workout!
Maria P Why not both? Well, I wouldn't like to be perceived as greedy! Trying to mind my manners, you know! Thank you for watching!
Helen Oh Helen, you don't know my rule: run when chased. That's it for me... HA! Thank you for watching!
I loved this, I messed up my swimming because I laughed so hard at “this is not a temper tantrum”. Most enjoyable class I have done for a while. 
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