Reformer with a Twist
Amy Havens
Class 4632

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Love this class Amy, it was just what my body needed. Thank you 🙏
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What a fantastic class! I added this class to my Favorites playlist. Thanks  Amy!
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wonderful Amy, thank you for this class with quite some juicy challenges! And I loved to look at your beautiful glowy, smily face!!
Thank you! Loved this class! I may have to do it one more time - so much to think about!
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Really enjoyed this, Thank you Amy
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such a beautifull full, of thought class. thank you!
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I feel so good! My new fave class. I will feel this one later. Loved!
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Hello Terry D Alexandra M Tova A Tiffany DeMartin Silke L Carla  Sam Greenacre thank you all for taking the time to leave your comment about this class!  So happy you all enjoyed it!
Really loved this class, especially since I’ve been doing some deep hip opening stretching for a few weeks now , along with doing Pilates, and this class sure helped!…thx Amy 🙂
Amy, I always appreciate your thoughtful and creative style! This session was no exception. Challenging and fun, and I always learn an awesome new variation when you are teaching. That spinal roll down twist felt amazing on my tired back. 
Also feeling so great and unstuck in my middle muscles after this one... More fluid... and even my breathing feels more expansive now. Thank you,  Amy!
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