Pelvis Hip Flexor Release
Niedra Gabriel
Class 4548

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very helpful, especially for people who ride horses and tend to grab with their hip flexors, thank you Niedra,
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Was painfully delicious‚Ķthank you so much my body needed thisūü•į
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Enjoyed the lower extremity program‚ĶI hope this leads to the upper extremity, neck and backūüôŹ
Susanne Z ,Gloria A and Terese S Thank you all for your comments. Terese, I hope so too. PA had mentioned that they are interested in a growing library of routines, so I assume we will video upper body routines at some point.  
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Really needed this hip flexor pelvis release.  I will do regularly now:). Thanks Niedra.
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Neidra - thank you so much for your words of wisdom about the emotional component of MFR work ! I have had the gift of  John Barnes trained MFR expert therapist  for the last 8 years and it has changed my life and so enhanced my teaching of Viniyoga and Pilates - our tissues do hold memory and need to be released ! YBRbis the next best thing to hands on work ! Keep going with these tutorials ! Emily 
Emily B You are so fortunate to be getting hands on work from a therapist, that must be amazing.I love having the balls to work on ourselves so we can keep upleveling as we need both. So glad you are enjoying the work and find it helps you as a teacher.
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Thank you so much Neidra for sharing your wisdom and insights! I loved this class so much, and my body is already grateful. I'm looking forward to paying more attention to my intentions and my own physicality.  In gratitude xx
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Thank you! I clearly needed this.
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Amazing series! My left leg is shorter than my right (or maybe not!) and when I was done today my left and right leg were the same length and I was very surprised!! 
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