Pelvis Hip Flexor Release
Niedra Gabriel
Class 4548

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Allana KD Love love love this comment.  Yay, for you changing yourself.
Allana KD Love love love reading your comment.  
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Niedra Gabriel Thank you for another amazing class. This one was very helpful in putting it together in a routine. Please could you do a class for the upper back?
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Thank you, Niedra! I I have begin to do one (or two or three...) of your fascia releasing work out, regularly, often before bed time, and I have realised an important improvment of the quality of my sleep (I used to have insomnia problems). 
Caroline R   I am so happy to read this comment. This work can release deep deep tension and stress that is locked into the body. I am so glad you are finding your sleep improving as a result of this work ( I too, love to roll out prior to bed, it makes a big difference for me too.) 
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painfully painfully moved to painfully delicious, lol! Great class as always Niedra 
Monica W Laughing here, I love hearing about painfully delicious experiences.  
Painfully delicious class to say the least! Hello adductors!! I really appreciate the emotional/physical connections that you talk about during this class...thank you.
(I used my Triggerpoint roller and small ball for this class.)
Linda Hellfritsch-Robinson good for you! If your props worked, and  your body responded you are on the right track. Enjoy!
I 100  % feel more comfortable in my body after this - very enlightening and truly relaxing 
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