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John Steel

John Steel

John Steel began taking Contrology lessons with Joseph Pilates in 1963 and was a regular in his studio until Joseph's death in 1967. Thereafter he helped to run the original studio.
Read More In 1971 they moved the studio and John hired Romana to run it and helped her do so. He continued to do Pilates until August 1984 when it was purchased by Aris Isotoner. He became involved in the Pilates industry again when the cease and desist letters started around 1993. John testified at trial and Judge Cederbaum relied heavily on his testimony in declaring the name Pilates generic and in the public domain.

John attended Princeton University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. He then went to Columbia Law School and graduated as a Doctor of Law, and then to New York University Law School with a degree of Master of Laws in Taxation. He has his own law office, the Law Office of John H. Steel which is a general practice with concentration on litigation, federal and state in areas of family law, employment, civil rights, real estate and construction.

He has five children and one grandchild. His interests include Nordic skiing, road biking, France, and opera. His is also an instrument rated pilot and he has been a frequent keynote speaker at Pilates Conventions on Joseph Pilates and the history of Pilates.
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