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The Teacher's Corner

This program offers playlists which provide tips and inspiration for Pilates teachers. Whether you are looking for new choreography or cues, this program will have what you need to take your teaching to another level.

How I Teach

In this playlist, Tom McCook shares how his style of teaching continues to evolve after 30 years of teaching Pilates, offering you tips and ideas to help you evolve your teaching too.

The Client's First Session

In this playlist, you will see how different instructors approach a first time session with a client who is new to Pilates.

Focus on Fascia

Explore fascial connections in these classes designed to help you move efficiently and intelligently.

Teaching Tools

This playlist includes tutorials that will give you tools to take your teaching to another level.

Self Care Tips

It's important to remember to take care of yourself. This playlist includes ideas from many different teachers on how they do this while maintaining a busy schedule.

Pilates for Equestrians

This playlist includes classes that will help equestrians improve their posture, mobility, and stability so that they have a better relationship with their horse.

Always a Student

In this playlist, you will see seasoned teachers continue their practice with Deborah Lessen, who is a protege of first generation teacher, Carola Trier.

Common Back Problems

This playlist is designed to help teachers when they work with clients who have different back conditions.

Strengthening Your Lower Body

In this playlist, you will learn a series of exercises designed to strengthen the connection between the hips, knees, and feet.

Breaking Down to Build Up

In this playlist, Kathy Corey breaks down advanced exercises and shows how to progress up to the full movement.

Neck and Shoulder Awareness

This playlist includes tutorials and classes that will work on the placement of your neck and shoulders so you find proper alignment while you are moving through every exercise.

The Discovery Series

In this series, Clare Dunphy helps you discover how to get the most out of every movement.

Building a Relationship

Learn how your relationship with your clients can make a huge difference in their overall lives.

Mentor with Meri

In this playlist, Meredith Rogers works with Tucker to help deepen her practice and progress in the method.

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