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Marika Molnar

Marika Molnar

Marika is a graduate of Columbia University, where she obtained her graduate certificate in physical therapy. She also holds a masters degree in dance education from New York University, a certificate in nutrition from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and holds a masters in acupuncture from Tristate College of Acupuncture.
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In 1980 Ms Molnar was the first physical therapist to be hired on-site at a professional ballet company to care for the dancers of the New York City Ballet. She is presently the director of physical therapy services to the New York City Ballet and also director of physical therapy services to the School of American Ballet in New York. Ms Molnar is active professionally in a number of endeavors. These activities include clinical advisor to PhysicalMind Institute, rehabilitation editor of the Journal of Dance Medicine and Science, and member of the Development Committee of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS). Her previous IADMS committee work includes being a board member from 1994-1999, president from 1999-2001 and Chair of the Education committee from 2001-2003. Ms Molnar has lectured nationally and internationally for the past 28 years and has published in peer reviewed publications and also book publications related to rehabilitation of dance injuries.
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