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James Crader

Based in Sacramento, California, James Crader is a BioBehavioral Coach, specializing in developing resiliency & stress-less lives. He is a Physical Explorer, Writer, Speaker, Educator, and Developer of his process Signals of Safety (SOS).
Read More The movement experiences he offers are simple, and based in Neurologic and Muscular Resiliency practices, Spatial Awareness and Mind-State exercises, Motor Development, Somatic Inquiry, exploratory PLAY and Skill Building. His work is designed to support participants through non-hierarchical learning along their path to personal potential and whole-person wellness - from trauma recovery to corporate health.

James is the Creator of MoveLab, a fun and invigorating floor work class aimed at helping students challenge their comfort zones, increase endurance and resiliency while learning and resourcing SOS tools; leading to an embodied experience of awareness through movement. James’ work is approachable, and applicable to somatic and fitness practices alike. You can learn more about James and his philosophy through his website, and his Instagram account, @James_Crader.

James is both classically and contemporary experienced within the Pilates method. He was originally trained via Balanced Body and is a CoreAlign Master Teacher. He has been featured in numerous blogs, magazines, documentaries, and podcasts for his physical and philosophical work.

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