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Mindful Movement

Deepen your experience when you take these classes designed to cultivate a greater ease of movement and awareness to the specific needs of your body on any given day. This program offers tools and guidance in the form of classes, tutorials, and guided meditations that repeatedly remind you to remain present to what will serve you and your practice best today.


Playlist 1 - Creating Awareness

In this playlist, you will begin to develop the skill of selective focus so you can stay present while you are moving.

Playlist 2 - Applying Aston Kinetics

A playlist with classes and tutorials designed to help you become more aware of the intricacies of your own movement with the goal of helping you move more efficiently in all you do.

Playlist 3 - Transitional Moments

Life happens in the transitions! This playlist will help you recognize the importance of those moments in between the exercises. These are the moments that connect and keep you connected to the work you are doing.

Playlist 4 - The Brilliance of Your Biointelligent Body

Let Wendy LeBlanc Arbuckle help you discover ways to listen to your body’s innate intelligence, learn to partner with gravity as a friend, and access your body’s fascial tensegrity, so movement becomes “spatial medicine.”

Playlist 5 - Reconnecting to You

Explore movements that will help reignite your joy of movement and reconnect you to your body.

Playlist 6 - MELT Method®

This playlist features classes and tutorials that will give you a basic understanding of the MELT Method® and how it can help you find more balance in your body.

Playlist 7 - Functional Practices

This playlist features classes that focus on creating an active mind/body connection.

Playlist 8 - Centering Exploration

This playlist includes classes that focus on the themes of emerging, cultivation, and self-organization.