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Katie Yip

Katie Yip

Katie Yip's systemic approach to Pilates was developed through years of study with some of Pilates' most revered teachers.
Read More Her professional Pilates journey began in 2010 with an apprenticeship under Chris Robinson at S6 Fitness before going on to complete her 700-hour comprehensive certification with Brooke Siler and Cary Regan at re:AB Pilates in 2013. Today, Katie continues her studies with Cynthia Shipley, Jerome Weinberg, and Cary Regan.

This diversity of education within the traditional Pilates Method gives Katie a unique perspective that brings together the deep experience of her mentors. Her style is known for appropriately challenging her clients and utilizing thoughtful program design to efficiently transform how their bodies move and feel.

In addition to her Pilates training, Katie holds an MA in Exercise Physiology from Columbia University and a BS in Physiology & Neuroscience from the University of California, San Diego.
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