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Regina Santos

Regina Santos

National Academy of Sports Medicine, Co-Active Coaching, Pilates Technique, and Yoga Tune UpĀ® Certified

Regina is a Pilates instructor of Contrology, Chopra meditation teacher, and a well-being coach. Her perspective of the work in Pilates is influenced by her training and work with teachers at Westwood Pilates, Vintage Pilates, and 1st Generation Master Teacher and Student of Joseph Pilates, Jay Grimes.
Read More Her eight certifications point to a single purpose: that everything is connected. The way we move, the way we rest, the way we nourish ourselves, and our overall consciousness, all contribute to the quality of our lives.

She coaches clients to connect to their literal and spiritual core, to move from it, and to understand it as their true essence. She helps them strengthen these connections, to enhance pliability, create resilience; and ultimately harness their personal power to find fulfillment, adaptability, harmony, and balance.

Regina is a seeker of union through her yoga practice and loves communing with nature. She is a dedicated FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) practitioner and feels so lucky to be a full-time cook and companion for an amazing adopted canine.
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