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David McMahan

David McMahan

David McMahan, MFA, NCPT - A native of southern California, David received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of California, Irvine. His professional career has included performing with dance companies in New York, San Francisco, and Orange County.
Read More Through the influence of Ron Fletcher and the mentorship of Kyria Sabin, David discovered his passion for empowering bodies through movement and the Pilates method. As a Fletcher Pilates Faculty member and Director of Continuing Education, David has taught Pilates educational programs and continuing education courses throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, and South America. He has been featured in Pilates Style Magazine and has presented at conferences for Fletcher Pilates and the Pilates Method Alliance. An advocate for the professionalization of the Pilates industry, David currently serves as President-Elect of the Pilates Method Alliance Board of Directors. David is on faculty at Orange Coast College and teaches at AURA Pilates in Newport Beach, California.
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