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Kyria Sabin

Kyria Sabin

Kyria is the Director of Fletcher Pilates® school, and Body Works Pilates Studios. She initiated her Pilates studies with Ron Fletcher in 1991 and founded Body Works Pilates Studios in 1993.
Read More In 1999, she initiated the first state-licensed Pilates teacher school in Arizona. This became the precursor to the Fletcher Pilates® Program of Study, an international Pilates school, endorsed by Ron Fletcher, representing the Fletcher lineage of the Pilates method.

Kyria is a graduate of Duke University, a Pilates Method Alliance (PMA®) Certified Pilates Teacher, and a Massage Therapist. She developed the Pilates Program at the University of Arizona School of Dance where she serves as Adjunct Faculty.

Kyria is an international Presenter and has served on the boards for the PMA®, the University of Arizona Dance Advisory Board, the Haven Center for Women, and the Foundation for Expanding Horizons. Kyria current Chairs the National Pilates Certification Program Commission.
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