The Pilates Report

Season 5 · Episode 4

Legal Considerations for Re-opening Your Pilates Studio

As the pandemic has changed how the Pilates world operates, there are new important laws and regulations that must be addressed to ensure your business is safe and secure. We're here to make sure you are confident and legally protected, especially in these unprecedented times as studios prepare to re-open.

Join Cory Sterling, head attorney and founder of Conscious Counsel, and Gia Calhoun for a legal webinar where he will cover the legal essentials you need for re-opening your studio. You will learn:

Waiver of Liability Updates: What to include in your waiver of liability to ensure you are protected with new COVID provisions

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Employer vs Contractor Agreements Keys: Why properly identifying your staff is extremely important & how to discern the difference between the two

State of the Union on the new rules and laws pertaining to studio owners in Q2 of 2021

How business owners can re-open with confidence and peace of mind (while avoiding negligence at all costs)

How to keep your community safe while bringing in revenues

Broadcast Live

Tue. Apr 27

3:00 PM EDT

Cory Sterling and Gia Calhoun

1 hour

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