Basic Reformer Breakdown

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Need help starting on the reformer? Feeling overwhelmed or want more details to strengthen and sculpt your body? This series breaks down the Basic Reformer into easy short segments covering:

Warm up exercises:
The Footwork and The Hundred
Frog and leg circles
Stomach Massage Series
Short Box
Elephant and Knee Stretches

Cool Down Exercises:
Running and Pelvic Lift

Each segment details how to set up your reformer safely with correct placement and teaches you what you're striving for in each exercise. These segments are to be done in this exact order and the healthy individual should not omit any exercises to obtain the Pilates' benefits. Once you are well versed in these segments and feel comfortable on the reformer, you are able to move forward at attempting a Basic Reformer at a moderate pace. Enjoy!

Suitable For

Beginner's with acces to a Reformer.



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