Align & Shine

Join Gia Calhoun for her 5-Day Reformer challenge, Align & Shine! These quick, 30-minute classes are full-body workouts packed with creative and challenging sequences. Gia progresses exercises through intensity, coordination, and precision elevating your Pilates practice to the next level. This is your time to feel strong, accomplished, and most importantly aligned. Let’s shine together!


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Excited for this! Thanks for filming it, Gia!
I hope you enjoy it, Lori!
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Wujuuuuu joined!
Can't wait for you to take my classes, Jennifer A!
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2 days down. Love this as my return to Pilates (and Pilates anytime) after 2 years away. Thank you!
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That was great as always.  Thanks Gia!
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Loved this whole challenge!!! Was the perfect way to start the day and a great length to still have challenge while short on time - Thank you!!!
Alicia M
Really enjoy this challenge! 
I loved this challenge. @Gia Calhoun's queuing was perfect, and I loved all of the flows. Thank you so much!!
Just got my own reformer on Wed.  Day 3 of this series and I love it!!  Thanks Gia!!
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