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We at Pilates Anytime are lucky to be able to actually work and film by the beach everyday, with an unbelievable view of the Pacific Ocean through our window. To show you where all the Pilates Anytime magic happens, Amy Havens wants to give you a tour of our studio. Featuring: Amy Havens Brett Howard Monica Wilson Niedra Gabriel Lisa Hubbard
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Apr 10, 2013
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Hi everyone. Welcome. Today we're going to take an inside tour of the studio where we film all of our PyLadies anytime classes and workshops. So this is the studio at Patara beach. Can see the beauty from out here. We'll get insight into some minute. So around this way you're going to see the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

You see the train coming by often. That is real. The sand is real, the surfers are real. This is the infamous window that you see when you're watching classes. So the patio where we often have our glass of wine after class, we come and sit and take our breaks during the workshop. This is what we get to see. And here's the studio from this entrance. Take off your shoes please.

He's got four nice studio reformers and a pedal pole in the back corner. The Cadillac or trap piece table is, sorry here. So again, when we're filming classes, we move things around a lot, but this is the way the studio looks during the daytime when we're not filming. So we are very fortunate to have two growths reformers and a grots, one to chair and spine corrector to the regular instructors. Our graphs or classical plots, teachers, Romanos teachers, they need this specific type of reformer to work on. And they are a little bit different than the studio reformers on that side of the room. So we are very fortunate to have the luxury of a both styles, the Avalon chair, Body Arts and Science International.

Very signature piece for them. This is the main camera right there. So when you're watching class, this is where everything is coming from, the actions being pulled from here. And then back on this side, I'm going to tour you around to our office, somewhat kitchen area, washer, dryer, admin area, another entrance, the wall towers. And you've seen lots of classes using, utilizing these, um, three in a row all the way back around. We have the one to chairs and then finally walking back out around. We've made a fool to around to the front door of the studio.


One word....wow. Ok - two more...love it!
Come out for a visit Jennifer!! :)
that's it...this is the year I come visit!!!!!!!!! I want that glass of 'Chianti' outside with Amy Havens...lol
Wooowww, it's really beautiful. showing it, was a great idea, thanks!
Glad you liked the tour Laura! Do we get to meet you in person sometime?! We'd love to have you!!
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Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing! I love the spine corrector wall!!
Thanks for stopping in to take a look at the virtual tour Anna!! :)
I will one day come all the way from Australia to visit and then sit in that lovely court yard for a glass of Sav Blanc, I feel a part of your lovely extended family from visiting every day, and the experience I gather from all of you is so amazing.
Sharon.....I'm a Sav Blanc gal myself and I know we all would love to have you join us for that glass.....anytime you can!!! Our extended family openly awaits your visit!
Thanks for the tour Amy. I watch Pilates Anytime over here in Australia for new knowledge and inspiration. It was lovely to see the studio - great idea to welcome us in!
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