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We get some amazing instructors visiting us at Pilates Anytime but few have taken Pilates to the intense, cardio-driven level that Kathryn Ross-Nash did on her first visit. In these highlights from Kathi's workouts, this world renowned Pilates instructor, and Taekwondo 2nd degree black belt, will challenge your stamina and help you tone your butt, abs, and thighs. Classes also feature Jennifer Kries, Monica Wilson, and Niedra Gabriel.
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Mar 13, 2013
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Now. If you think Palladio's is just for dancers or rehabilitation, we may just change your mind. Katherine Ross Nash is politeness. She has studied with some of the best teachers in the world. She was a dancer. She has a studio in New Jersey, American body tech, Pele's. She's produced a DVD. She's written a book.

She's traveled all over the world doing workshops and conferences. She even holds a second degree black belt in taekwondo. This woman is amazing. Take a look at a few of the clips from our recent classes on Pilati is anytime. Lift yourself to lower gently with control onto the mat. Lie All the way down.

This'll be the last time you stopped moving for the entire class. [inaudible] scoop in direct you out. Else you three, four, five. Use the legs. Use the hand. Oh, it's over here. Stretch one more time. Touch more knee. Stretched off over with the net.

Grab onto those toes and lifting all the stomach all up. This is the worst one I think, and she lost her pole one up. I'm going to be a little evil. We're going to do the whole petite forward. One, two, three, four, five, all the way back one. Do you know they make big potatoes down? One up. One up.

What was that like? 10 minutes one we haven't been now roll back. Roll back. I can drink vodka like a truck driver, but we ready? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, lower, two, four, five, seven. I took away your crutch but is here. Push me. Stretch out. Hurry. Come on. Make me work. Four, five LTE or five lower. It's nasty.

Arms are up. Hate me, but I have to stop. Pull it. Okay. Did you hear that thing of pride? I've killed two people. Just for the record. You got [inaudible]. How many different ways to take nutrition and k doing their nature?

See, that's because you don't have the duty that I have pressed down, pressed into rest down, lift up. That'll help build back up. Bend in, off, woman down. Can you take your phone wall over, down, around and up. Over, down, around and up. I'm a bluff. I was at, I was a dancer and I used to fight and that's my idea of fun and she to look into halo. Sorry, I'll get filling up. That's why when people go to me, what do you do for Cardio? I go, I do plays [inaudible] to me, clarity and chaos.

When I get down on the mat or when I hop on the reformer, it just brings calm and peace to my world.


my kinda girl, Amazing lady!!!!! Great work
You are right Karthryn.It is fun! Amazing energy!
love your work Kathi.. can't wait to see you in Spain!
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Wooohoooo LOVE that energy! Love You Kathy, Big fan of
yours :)
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Love this montage!!! big smile-thanks Kathy! and editor
LOL such fun!!!! just FYI always be careful of what you say when a camera is on !!! LOL
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You are very inspiring and a little bit crazy! :)
I love you Kathy! you're such an inspiration
That is too funny! She is a fiery ball of energy! "Kathy your going to hate me, but I have to stop!"
"I'm Fried!!"' Hahahahahaha
Oh yeah. Love it and maybe someday i will be able to do it live with you.
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