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Tone Arms for Summer

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Amy Havens is back with some useful tips on how to tone your arms in preparation for summer and swimsuit season. Follow Amy through these exercises and notice the difference in just a few weeks. 2 lb. hand weights are used in this episode but you can easily replace them with full water bottles or canned food.
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May 29, 2013
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Hi everyone. I'm excited to show you this week's episode. We're working on our arms and our upper body getting you ready for bathing, suit season and summertime. So come on and get started. So for these exercises you don't need any hand weights, but we are going to work with them today. These are two pound hand weights, so one for you in each hand. And if you don't have hand weights, you can use bottles of water, you can also use soup cans. Those will work just fine. So anything extra that's going to give your arms a little extra load.

So the first one we're going to demonstrate is a, some are some bicep exercises. So you'll start with your arms just straight out to the front, not fully released in your elbow. So put a little, little Ben in there and I'm going to have you stand super tall. Pull your tummy in, always working the center. So the bicep muscles, these gorgeous muscles right in the front of the shoulder and the arm. You're going to come in and do about 45 degrees of a bend. Pause and pretend for just a second as a cherry tomato or a little marshmallow here and squeeze that little fold in your elbow and then release it, but not all the way.

So I don't want you to fully relax the arm and pull it maximum range. You're going to do about half range motion, little squeeze, good and a little release. So we're showing two to three exercises. Here are two to three repetitions, but you can go up to 10 15 maybe if you'd like to have all of these. So showing one more. So this is a lower level arm level of a bicep curl. Now second, you can just go ahead and stretch your arms up maybe to shoulder level and arm slightly forward in front of you. Keep standing tall and palms facing up.

So we're still going to work the biceps. Same exact thing. You're just having your arms from a higher position. So the same thing. Start to bend those elbows, not all the way. Pretend them a little marshmallow and give me a squeeze right there and make some Popeye muscles perfect and extend. So definitely getting ready for summertime, short sleeve shirts, bathing suits.

We want to sculpt and really designed the arm muscles in the upper body. So one more bicep curl from shoulder level. Perfect. And reach out nice and long and lower your arms. Okay, so the next one we're gonna work into is the lateral raise. And it's a deltoid exercise. So deltoids are your shoulder, so specifically front side and back here.

And I want you to just have your palm space down. Raise your arms up to your shoulder level. Now turn your arms inward. I'm going to use my hands to help you. I'm going to spiral the arm in and then spiral the arm back and you can continue doing that inward and outward spiral. And this is working those shoulder muscles here. Now as you're doing these, if your arms start to get tired or your neck gets tired, just lower them in between.

So you may want to just drop down all the way down to your legs and then raising the straight back up. So that's just kind of a transition. So you'll come up and turn in and turn out and lower all the way down. Both harms. Yeah, and up and turn in and turn out and find a lowering down. Again, eight to 10 repetitions, maybe as many as 15 to 20 let's take this one as our last one. So this is a lateral raise with some deltoid sculpting and finish. Great.

Okay. So every woman I know wants to work on this wonderful part of the upper arm, the back of the upper arm, known as the triceps. So this is a very classical exercise to target that. Start first with your elbows bent by your sides. Good squat down, and just kind of reach your hips back slightly. I'm gonna stand here and with the back of the upper arm, I'm actually going to have her bring her elbows back just a little bit. Okay.

So this is our muscle focus. This section, move your forearms and your weights back toward me back here. So straightening the elbows, that would be enough. But I like to go one inch higher, lower that one inch, and then re bend the elbows and keep those arms close to the body so you're hugging. Do that again. So there's four movements, straightening, lifting, lowering and rebounding, making sure to keep the tummy pooled in to support the whole posture here. And right now she's doing it with the palm space down, which is great. We're going to show you one other variation of this.

So pause and just turn your palms to face each other and exactly the same exercise. Here you go, straighten, lift an inch, bend, rebound, and straighten. Lift an inch lower. Then one more repetition just for now, lift. Hold. Okay. To really maximize what's going on here, let's do tiny little pulses. You can do itty bitty, super, super small squeezes.

Concentrate the workout right there in the upper arm. Keep that tummy pulled in. Key breathing. Visualize those arms that you want. She's already got them. All right, so 15 to 20 would be what I'd recommend, but you do as many as you want. I like to fatigue that muscle group. It really needs it. Perfect. Casey. All right. And then you can stop right there.

She probably go all the way to tomorrow if we let her. So, okay. And then go ahead and rest. So great for the triceps. So we're going to move on into another tricep and shoulder exercise. And these are the dips. So feeder bet of knees are bent theater down on the Mat. Hands are behind, fingertips are pointing to your hips. Shoulders are open.

Tommy's pulled in. And what I want you to start with is just simply load your arms and lift your hips. There we go. And during this exercise you'll one, it looks straight ahead so that your head's not hanging back. What could strain your neck? So let's just keep the hips up and focus on bending the elbow. So you'll bend your elbows and point them back. Can you bend them more?

Bend the elbows bent. There you go. And then straightened in. Push elbows. So the hips are going to come down. But think about the elbows mainly pointing back and push. There we go. So it's really focusing on the muscles right here, that control elbow bending. Then and push one more and bend and push and you can relax.

So I would say up to as many as you can. You want to fatigue those muscles there. One note though, if your risks are um, don't love to be bent that much, you may not want to do that exercise. So we're going to work on one more and these are pushups. So you're going to come face this way and I like to do pushups first with the knees down and you can have your knees hip with the part feet crossed is fine. And your hands, I'm going to actually have you go a little wider so you can actually do two kinds.

You could have your hands right in front of your shoulders here or a little wider. Now with this push up is similar to the dip. You're just focused on the elbow bending action. So tiny elbow bend, perfect hold and then straighten the elbows. That's all that is. It doesn't look like much, but it's fantastic for really concentrating right in the back of the upper arm and she's doing a great job of keeping the center of her body well organized and push. And I would say eight to 10 if you can do it ladies and push or more. So that's what hands narrow. You can also do a couple hands wide.

We want to show a couple of hands wide maybe. Yep. There we go. With this one, your elbows might want to point in a different direction. So see what it feels like to point your elbows side to side. There you go. That might work a little more in your chest muscles, but still targeting the back of your arm. One more. And if you're able to do a full pushup, what I mean by that is knees off the mat, so you'll be balancing on your toes and your arms. You can do a full push up here and push.

If you get three to five, your great. These are difficult for women and push and rest. Here we go. Fantastic.


Yeong Cheol C
good lesson!
Thank you!
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Great workout
Just what I need to get my arms in shape. They've "gone south" over the winter!
Glad to hear you found some good things for your workout!
Loved these ideas. I always look to throw in arms and this is nice and quick without taking too much time away from the Pilates series.
Thank you Debra!
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Andrea ~ This actually isn't a class. It is a short video meant to give some ideas that people can use at home. Our classes include much more instruction and detail. You can find them all here. I hope you enjoy them!

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