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Learn six Pilates exercises that you can do at your desk in just 5 minutes. Amy Havens will guide you through these exercises that will help you to both stretch out muscles stiff from sitting down all day and to strengthen your core and improve your posture. Not only will these exercises help you relax but they will also help to improve your focus and productivity.
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Apr 03, 2013
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If you're someone who has a nine to five job and you're stuck at work all day long and you're thinking yourself, what kind of exercises can I do while I'm at work at my desk? These exercise selections are for you. Okay, so this little mini workout you can do in five minutes at your desk. You can do these exercises at your desk while you're at work. I'm going to have you start first with sitting right at the edge of your chair. I'm on a rolling chair. You can do it on a rolling chair.

You can also do it on a regular stationary chair. There's going to flatten your tummy. You don't have to do anything special. Just sit really tall from your sitz bone up to your top of your head. You can put your hands on your stomach. You're going to think about putting your front to your back and you're going to exhale and hold it for five counts. Okay?

[inaudible] so you're working a flatten your abs again. [inaudible] just flattened, flatten, flatten. All you're doing is pulling your stomach in. You're getting a nice, sleek design through your abs. You can do five to 10 of these meeting your front of your body to the back of your body, sitting as tall as you know how and have you worked on carving out your waistline a little bit. I'm going to back up and just turn a little bit towards you. Dislike.

This is to create a little hourglass in your waistline. So I've been relaxed. My hands behind your my head sitting right again at the sits of edge of the chair and I'm going to rotate and I'm thinking of turning my back shoulder toward the back of the chair. Visualize the hourglass shape through the waistline and then come right back to center. And then I'm going to go each side. I'm an alternate sign, some sitting tall. I'm visualizing the hourglass. I'm gonna Bring the shoulders down and center. You can exhale as you twist and inhale center.

Remember you've got about five minutes, you're on your work break. Maybe 10 minutes. I would recognize, recommend not doing these after lunch and two list. Making sure your chair stays still. You're saying even on your sit bones, you're lifting up out of the ways to get the long stretch to muscles. I would recommend about five to 10 each side. I'm just going to show one more. I'm going to move right into managing the muffin top, so any of that extra little spillage that happens at the waistline.

Take one hand behind your head, the other hand down by your side. Lean forward a little bit and stretch down as if you're trying to pick up something from the floor. It's really working on stretching these muscles out and contract and the opposite side and then come back up. You can do five to 10 in a row. Try to keep the chairs still keep your sit bones planted on the chair and stretch. It's a lot of these exercises you're going to feel energized with as well.

Toning your muscles while at work. Give me a little exercise, a little change of your brain and your focus and concentration. So again, you can do five to 10 I'm just showing a couple right there, so don't forget to stretch. Have you been sitting all day and your back is tired and you've been slumping, you need to stretch out through your spine. I'm going to back up a little bit, and this is just a simple sitting roll down, so you'll take a breath in and exhale and just let all the work tension go. Let your arms go. Let your head go around down. Even if you're in a skirt or something, you can do this rounding forward. Roll back up from your sit bones, your tailbone, your low back, your shoulder blades in your head three to five times. Remember, if you're stressing out, sometimes just one simple exercise like this can just get the [inaudible] out, can feel a little revitalized.

It's a conference call that you did not enjoy having. You can distress with something like that if you've been sitting for hours, you're gonna need to stretch your hips and your legs, so stand up out of your chair. Turn it around if you happen to be right against your desk here, I'm going to put this there and we're working on the hips. I'm going to step up on the chair. I'm going to lean forward first and step back and stretch out through here.

If you've been sitting this joints been bolded for hours and hours, possibly make sure to get up every hour, every hour, maybe an even stretch like this. You can raise an arm, get up out of your body, open things up and stretch. Don't forget the other leg and you need to stretch the back of its hips so it's a hamstring stretch. Can Point your toes up, hold onto your chair and just lean forward. You can do it with a bent knee. You can let your head go all the way over. Just a few examples of ways you can exercise and give yourself a little mini workout while at work. So once again, your hip flexors and into your hamstrings. Give yourself time to distress. While you're at work.

I'm gonna do one more stretch and I'm going to turn the chair sideways again. Open up your body. Give a stretch. You can yawn, you can cross your leg, one foot over the other. Just stretch out. Keep your brain something different to do. You can do the other side reach as much as you can. Remember you've got about five minutes to do these exercises and before you go grab another cup of coffee and help you enjoy those.


Perfect for a workday break, thanks Amy!
This felt absolutely fantastic. Great 5 minute pick me up. Thank you Amy!

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