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Amy Haven's 4 minute warm-up is a perfect way to wake up and prepare for a busy day or a tough workout. This warm-up routine was created with the idea that some days you just don't have enough time to get a full workout in but you want to get your body ready for your busy day or holiday weekend. Follow Amy through this fast, energizing warm-up to prepare yourself for the day.
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Hi everybody. So it's holiday weekend. I don't know about you, but I only have about five minutes to warm myself up today. I'm gonna wait for my high intensity workout later with Christie. But my warm up is going to be brisk. We're going to start with a nice inhale, lift the arms. So in this five minutes, try to maximize getting space, getting air, getting strength, prepare yourself for what she has in store, which, who knows what that's going to be. And Open two more times and lift all the Aerion and down once again and up. So what I want to do is really vitalize the upper body for a moment.

So Cross your hands and I'm going to just do a little arm crossing and you can inhale for two, exhale for two. Wow. Then we're gonna come down. Inhale, exhale. So the shoulders are on the back. Why am I doing this? I'm getting blood flow. So another way to do kind of like a hundred warm up. Inhale, exhale.

[inaudible] four, three, two, one. And uh, down to three, four [inaudible], four, three. We'll do one more set going. Arms, up and down. [inaudible] my fingers are wide open and down. Crossing the arms and four, three, two, and one. Open your arms. We're going to do a little open and close of the palms. Open and close. And as I'm opening and closing, I'm raising my arm, shoulder level, going a little higher. It's like we've got rays of light and sparklers coming out of the fingertips and going the opposite way down. This is a great way to warm up your hands.

Get blood flow to your extremities. I'm getting kind of uncoordinated. Let's go again in open, close, open, close, open, close. And one more time. Coming down. Open. Close, open, close. Three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Jumping Jacks. So why jumping jacks? Well, Joseph Palladio's apparently did a lot of these to get people to wake up. Waking Up. I'm going to turn away from you. Who am I? Right for eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two.

I'm going to do a quarter turn. Here we go. Eight times each direction. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. One more quarter. Turn. One, two, three, four. Really stimulating the cardiovascular system. Seven, eight Haas. I'm going to turn around. Nice standing. Roll down. Let's get into the body and articulate. So head, upper back. Then those knees, rounding down. Stretch that spine. Let's do one leg stretch. Remember, this might be the first thing you're doing today. Modify, monitor how much movement you can actually put in your body. But we do want to wake up. So rounding over, straightening the knees, feel your stomach muscles.

Pull up more towards your rib cage bend, roll up the spine. We'll take three more roll downs before we're finished. Straighten, before we roll up, everybody look forward of your fingertips. Get a little back flattening and then around, rolling up. Remember Christy's about to do 15 very intense minutes with you.

So we ready for her. Pull into that core. Feel your system rejuvenated and waking up. And one more time coming down. Finding the flat back this time, reaching the chest forward, down. Rule up and while, AH, good morning. Get ready for your workout. Thank you.


great, terrific for arms and shoulders
Thank you Joan!
great warm up. thank you Amy :)
Thank you Ipek!
Fabulous for this sudden cold english weather - caught us by surprise!
Thank you Joanne......yep, a nice little beginning to get the blood pumping! :)
Can't wait for tomorrow. I'm planning to do it with my daughter every morning, before hitting the shower.
Great idea!!!
Great energetic start to the day and with it only being 5 mins, everyone can fit that in!
Thank you Charlotte!
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