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Your feet are two very important parts of your body that often get ignored. They are needed for shock absorption and they act as a pump mechanism. Amy Taylor Alpers shares a few different exercises to get your feet to operate the way they should. She gives many different options for you to do these exercises to increase your strength and to get the spring back in your feet.
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Sep 04, 2013
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Hi, this is Amy and I'm in Boulder, Colorado at the Palati Center, and I'm with Amy, one of the founders, and she's got something fun for me. I think. So if I were asked what something that you should...


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good exercise!
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This brief class really gives credence to the philosophy of Pilates ANYTIME and ANYWHERE! These could be done while waiting in line, during a break during the work day (home or office) even while waiting for your computer to boot!
Thanks so much you guys. I had such a great time doing this.
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Great excersise, thanks.
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wonderful see Amy again on pilates anytime...This is a great exercise taught by a great teacher.Thank you.
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great Info- many thanks. The Nia technique has been teaching this for 30 years... wish Nia got the recognition it deserves.
Love it Amy squared!
Heather, the more we get foot work out there with such a distinguished messenger as Amy Taylor Alpers, the more people will love what folks who practice Nia already know.
What would Debbie Rosas (founder of Nia for those who don't know) say about the feet anyway...
Benefits of Barefeet Exposed

Debbie and I were on the same dissecting team this year in Gil Hedley's lab... LOVE her!
Fantastic....I actually use this sequence in my barre sessions as a warmup. Can't wait to use the single leg version!

Thank you!
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Everyone needs to pay attention to their feet, to learn about their feet and..... to I'm going to say it......honor their feet! Lots going on down there and they have such a big responsibility! Whether it's Pilates, yoga, Nia, Reflexology, Feldenkrais etc etc, and on and on..... let's learn to pay attention and give good care to our feet! :) Anyone up for a foot massage besides me?!!
Great stuff guys. I use the 2 feet version often, now to try the variations. Thank you both.
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