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Eve Gentry was a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, Pilates student and teacher, and a healer. Michele Larsson, who trained with Eve in Santa Fe for many years and eventually helped her found the Institute for the Pilates Method, shares the methods and concepts that Eve taught. Gentry Work, which is also called Pre-Pilates, was used to teach students how to be efficient in movement. Her focus was to teach the concepts and principles behind the movements rather than just the exercises. In addition, Eve used different breathing techniques, imprinting, and joint release techniques to help people with many different needs.
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Oct 09, 2013
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My name is Michelle Larson. I was a protege of Eve gentry who was a student of Joseph Peloton and type for Joseph Politesse back. Years ago in the 60s she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and brought equipment with her pilates equipment with her that Joe had made for her. She was a dancer and a choreographer. She became a dance teacher. She became a [inaudible] student than a [inaudible] teacher.

Then she became a healer in her later years. The thing that we know as PyLadies teachers about Eve's work is we sort of call it pre politesse eve, never called it pre plotty. She called it gentry work and she distinguished it from pit lattes. But the brilliance of it is that it can be our precursor movement fundamentals, pre [inaudible] stuff for putting people on equipment and teaching them to be efficient in movement. So Eve's whole idea was that she didn't teach exercise.

She taught a client the concepts or the principles behind human movement of the things that she taught that were very important in that we use now are the different versions of breathing, a movement, uh, an imaginary movement or a little more than imaginary that she called imprinting for spinal alignment, joint release for pain release, and a more efficient movement of the joints so that the movement came through the limbs, through the joints, into the torso or from the torso through the joints, into the limbs. I feel that you will find all of the eaves approach to movement to be very helpful in your own PyLadies practice, as well as if you teach.


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