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Manifesto to Move

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Cara Reeser gives an inspirational talk about what makes a body sexy. She asks you to think about how you feel about your body and she offers a "Manifesto to Move" so you can return to being free in your body. If we can get rid of judgements about our bodies and focus on moving our bodies, we will be able to love our bodies the way we were intended to.

This was filmed at Balanced Body's Pilates On Tour in Los Angeles, California. You find dates and locations of future events by going to the Pilates on Tour page.
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Jan 29, 2014
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I want to know how you feel about your body moving. I want to know how you feel and if you still have a sense of freedom and ease when you are moving your body and what about the shape? It's hard not to judge that when you are forced to compare yourself to the barrage of glossy photo-shopped images of the perfect sexy body. My guess is that's not you because the fact is that is not any. One friend of mine told me a story the other day. He was having dinner in a restaurant and a small boy about four years of age from a neighboring table.

He got up and just started dancing and my friends said it really made him smile, but it also made him sad because he wished he could just get up and dance, abandon and free whirling and thrashing about, well, why didn't you? I asked him, you know me. Oh, you're not a good dancer. Right, right, right. Huh? The boy is he a good dancer? Yes. Why? Because he loves his moving body. He is free. I want to know what happens to your freedom to your moving body.

I know it's not what it used to be, right? The fact is we are all carrying around relentless criticisms of our moving bodies, criticisms based on the things we have been told, the images we have seen and the way we see and talk to ourselves. Our bodies are filled to the brim with these stories. How we should stand, sit, dress, look, behave and move. We have been collecting these stories from the very start of our lives and then we were trapped and held with this subconscious, self-conscious diatribe that binds us.

Does stillness. Might I suggest that your body stories are the only thing in the way of your dance? I want to put down my body story. I want you to put down yours. To this end, I offer a simple new set of rules on the body. I call this a manifesto to move. No, just stuck. No to held, no too awkward. No too prude.

No two issues that aren't even yours. No To idealizing fake sexy body images that don't even no sex or dance. [inaudible] yes. To move, yes. To hips, to shoulders, to pelvis to trunk swirling and thrashing about. Yes to any and all gestures that inspire shapes that communicate and rhythms that propel no, no. To holding your pelvis, tummy and chest in [inaudible].

Yeah. I try and let me know. Do believing critical statements that you or somebody else told you about your body 10 years, one year or a minute ago. No. To talking it in and sitting it down, holding it back. No. To stopping it because it wants to move. Yeah.

Yes. Amen. Yeah. To what feels good. Yes. Yes, yes. Too sexy to break to three. Yes. To touch, to play, to wiggle and pump and Ruth [inaudible] yes. To movie every part of your being. Because before words, movement is the way we express breasts and communicate ourselves to the world. [inaudible].


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YES, YES, YES Miss Reeser.......YES!!!
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So much awesome-ness in 5 short minutes. YES!!!!
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LOVE how you think Cara!! And that scarf looks great on you! :)
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Boom boom , shake shake the room !!! Happy Birthday x
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I so hope this can be made public, even to non-subscribers! Do you know how many people would come running to PA if this could go viral!??

Cara is the bomb!!!
Hi Miram,

This video has always been free to everyone. No need to be a subscriber or even logged in. Please feel free to share it with whoever you like!
Cara, I love your spirit! It behooves to move, to grin and to groove!!

Thanks friends. I feel very happy that this message resonates. We have been sharing it on FB and it is exciting how many folks feel moved by the reminder to embrace themselves, their bodies and their beautiful movement. Feel free to share and post. Cara
TAking your spirit with me in my "Spirit" workshop this coming Friday. Love, Debora
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