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Cara Reeser

Cara Reeser

For Cara Reeser, movement has always been the center of her life. She is a second-generation Pilates teacher and lineage carrier of the Kathy Grant work and is well-respected in the industry.
Read More She is an advanced Teacher of the work, presenting continuing education and teacher mentoring group workshops throughout the US, and abroad.

At the age of 5, Cara began her journey as a dancer. First tap then jazz, and then Ballet, eventually falling in love in with Post Modern dance forms. She graduated with a B.A., in Dance /Theater from Sarah Lawrence College in 1988. Later, going on to earn her Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Dance, at New York University, Tisch School of the Arts. It was there that she was first introduced to The Pilates Method from the woman who would profoundly influence her life and work, First Generation Master Teacher Kathleen Stanford Grant.

In 1993, Cara relocated from New York City to Boulder Colorado where she participated in the Classical Pilates Teacher Training program at the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. It was there that she began her Pilates Teaching career. At the same time, she continued dancing in the local community, and eventually started her own dance company which she called Still Moving Dances.

Along with teaching Pilates, dancing and choreographing, Cara was honored to become a member of the faculty at Naropa University, teaching in its BFA program for 15 years. It was there her studies in mediation, dance improvisation, Buddhism and yoga became integral to Cara's point of view as a Movement Educator.

In 1999, Cara opened her own Pilates studio in Denver, Colorado, which she called Pilates Aligned. Cara's focus was to create creative and appropriate exercise protocols for all bodies no matter how limited, injured or deconditioned. Aligned proudly served clients and Pilates professional until the fall of 2020 when Cara closed the studio and relocated back to New York City.

As a long time and devoted student of Kathy Grant and the work that she developed, Cara is honored to be one of the students that carries her linage forward. In 2012 Cara created and began offering The Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program to Pilates professionals who wanted to deepen their understanding of the Grant linage and best practices in the subtle movement training. It is in this program Cara passed on the work through her personal experience, exploring the techniques and skills gained in working with Kath for many years.

Cara is also the Co-owner and Co-educator for Movement Science Made Simple, along with Jeremy Laverdure, NCPT, DPT. In this Post Graduate Education Platform, both Cara and Jeremy are dedicated to continuing to advance the knowledge of biomechanics, motor learning and pain science for Pilates professionals and movement teachers of all kinds.

As an educator in the Pilates community, Cara draws inspiration from the many extraordinary teachers she has, and continues to study with. she believes in advancing this work through honoring the tradition while incorporating the current advancements in the movement and pain sciences fields. This allows Cara to effectively serve all the clients who enter into practice with her, be it in a studio or on the screen.
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