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Being able to take a live class with the instructors on Pilates Anytime is so exciting so Amy Havens shows you how you can sign up for our studio classes and workshops. She takes you behind the scenes at the field trip that was part of the Pilates on Tour Conference. Whether you are local or visiting, we hope that you will come visit us at The Studio at Padaro Beach.
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Jan 15, 2014
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The one thing better than watching our videos online is coming to our studio and taking sessions with the real instructors you see on the site. All of the classes and workshops and qualities, any anytime are filmed at an actual studio. You're Santa Barbara, California. Here is a behind the scenes look at a recent field trip we hosted during [inaudible] balanced bodies, Los Angeles, philosophies on tour, friends, [inaudible], whether you live close by or does it income out of town. We encourage anyone to sign up and take a class with us. Our schedule is filled each month with regular and visiting doctors from all around the world.

You can find our schedule on our studio website where you can subscribe to our newsletter to find out what's coming up next. We also post all of our updates on our studio's Facebook page. It was a privileged to be in the studio and meet so many wonderful instructors that I see almost every day on [inaudible] [inaudible]. I'm in no hurry to go to her. That's experience of my career. Truly.

It was grade three grade classes, amazing setting. Just a beautiful day. We don't typically have five bottles of champagne after every class, but visiting our studio can be fun and a great workout, and as well as a wonderful, relaxing getaway.


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Someday, I will visit the studio and take classes with you ;)
...up to that time I am glad that you offer so many great online classes with fantastic teachers, thanks
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What a nice reminder of such a wonderful day! I hope I'll be back soon!
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You guys are so awesome!
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Definite must!
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I will come this summer for sure :)
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A dream I will make come true..no doubt and Salud PA:)
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Love the studio! I am hoping to come back late summer or early fall!!
That was a great day for all of us!! Thanks for the memories! Awesome video!
That it was.....come anytime!!
So doing this someday!
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